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Welcome to JJ& J Images Institute.
Taking God gifted Children and their artistic creativity to new levels of learning 

We are a Literal Child and Youth Advocacy SHOW C.A.C.E. for Advanced Learning:

Aiming - Recognizing God Given Talent
Doing - Applying defined skills for mastering a tool and technique
• Seeing - How to serve others with an ordained gift

JJ&J Images Institute offers the possibilities of establishing an overall communication skills  (reading, writing, speaking) for children and youth, from ages 9 years to 12 years, through our Drawing Awareness Directory, which will officially open as an advanced learning academy beginning in October 2016 through May 2016 (8 months).  Our concern is to get a list of potential children and youth so we can begin making plans of operation. Potential enrollees will be recommended from parental consent, school teachers, school principals, home teachers, and community/church affiliations - where a child’s unquestionable behavior and conduct are prime considerations. From the list of those meeting the requirements, the final student enrollment will consist of a minimum of 12 (twelve) and not more that 20 (twenty) for the first year. The enrollment will be free. The basic drawing tools and materials will be supplied. As a literal biblically based advocacy for children, we place strong emphasis upon our students learnjng  how to see as it applies to drawing; as well to develop strong self esteem, and self confidence. Our Drawing Awareness Directory operates from two important programs; the HURAMOHBE INITIATIVEand the ShowCACE Advanced Learning Enrichment Academy. The first program will be listed as a basic drawing guide and will designated as a Saturday’s only class-an all day (9 am to 5pm). The appropriate theme for this basic  beginners course is: Going Places and Know How to AIM the Right Way. Significantly, the name HURAMOHBE (AKA Humble Bee) alludes to the names of skilled craftsmen who were of called of God to provide leadership in the building of the Tabernacle in the wilderness and the Solomon's Temple respectively. The names specially were Huram-abi (from 1Kings 7:13,14/2 Chronicles 2:13,14), Oholiab, and Bezalel (from Exodus 31: 1-6).

From the second week in June until the first week in July will be looked upon as our intense five (5) Week Summer program called ShowCACE Advanced Learning Enrichment Academy. This is the second program. Those students enrolled in the Huramohbe Initiative will be required to attend; being prepared to show what they learned in the Saturday’s Only effort. Operating on an 8:00 am to 4:00 pm schedule, the Summer Academy will observe a Gender approach. The Girls will attend the first week while the boys will attend the second week. A Free to Be-Wiser Pathways Banquet will be held immediately following the Summer program. The final details of schedule and place for the event will be announced. The months of August and September are considered the months of vacation.

Learn to use your gifts from God to achieve lifelong success.
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Fred with a Painting

More About Us

Before JJ&J Images was formed in 2007, for well over 45 years, the goal has been to introduce the foundational principles of basic drawing and design, which uncovers the practical application of using the raw ingredients of picture making: line, tone, value, color, texture, shape, and space. In order to give the illusion of depth (i.e giving a 3-dimensional effect on a 2-dimensional plane - or what a realistic drawing looks like on a plane piece of white paper) is a tedious process and as such should be given serious consideration. This is why we insist on identifying children and youth with art talent very early in their growing years. Since a child learns best through simple repetition, he or she must be able to take in hand a medium of expression (such as a pencil, a ball point pen, a piece of chalk, color markers, pen and ink, brush or paint, or finger paints) and begin “making marks” on unlimited surfaces or substrates.

Through considerable practice, knowing how to make sound decisions is important also. For example, joy enters in as a direct result of knowing the right kind of medium to use, which gave way to an identifiable trade mark or stylized technique - namely; crosshatching with line and tone media, color glazing/color scumbling, scratchboard with pen and ink, and broad/fine point pencil rendering (just to name a few things). JJ& J Images Institute takes pride whenever a participant qualifies himself or herself with “knowing the right thing to do” in critical moments of decision. This is a hands on application process; moving from complexity to simplicity by using a simple tool. Why is this important?

Since computers were introduced in 1985, the decades of the latter 80s, the 90s, and early 21st century witnessed an increase of computer generated ads (art works) that bedazzled the eyes and sensory perception. Even now computers are more sophisticated with programs that can produce even stronger; clearer images executed with a mouse while the iphones, smartphones, and tablets are easy to manipulate by a simply tap on a screen with a finger. This is all good, but we insist on the creating an image that comes as a result of using the mind (thinking), hand, (mastering a specific medium), and a technique.The artist is identified along with the work of art produced, which speaks of individuality. This means that artists are as different as the works they produce. On the other hand, as the knowledge or how to draw and what to draw gives way to success, self- confidence inevitably emerges, which is taken into consideration.


The mission of JJ& J Images Institute is to enrich and educate children and youth in school by promoting a Desire to Learn Program that will offer a variety of art disciplines and biblically inspired material designed to enhance cognitive thinking skills and discipline applications by providing a consulting, coaching, coronation, creative, artistic, academic, and Christian experience (CACE) model that enhances self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and leadership potential through Christlike character development.


Endeavoring to make known God given gifts and talent by providing the instructional disciplines necessary for proper development and maturity of children and their art.


• We believe all children can learn if given proper attention.
• We believe every child is valuable and worthy of unconditional love and a smile.
• We stress the belief that each child has been imbued with (a) unique God given gift(s) and talent(s) - needing both encouragement and educational discipline to bring them out.
• We make it a priority that children and youth develop their decision making abilities to be based upon modeling Christlike character development.
• We help children and youth to help themselves by instilling confidence and strengthening their self-worth and how they can help others.



Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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